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Monkey Wrench Ratcheting Wrench

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Looking for a quality tool to make your life easier? The Monkey Wrench is a tool with the strength to last a career, the functionality to do the majority of the tasks that techs need, and the design to do it in a way that will make your life easier without breaking your knuckles. Featuring a ratcheting tri-layered socket head to fit most industry standard bolts. The socket head includes a 1/2" square socket, a 3/4" square socket and a 12 point star socket fitting. Designed with slots to accomindate various yokes, wingnuts, t-handles, case latches and more. You will find yourself using this tool for just about every task.


  • Made from Milled aluminum
  • Tri-layered socket head (1/2" square, 3/4" square, 12 point star socket)
  • Ratchet pawl for multi-directional use
  • Slot for lighting fixture yoks, wingnuts, case latches and t-handles
  • Open Slot for shackle pins up to 5/8"
  • (3) Tail piece is interchangeable to best suit each users preferences
    • Omega bracket tool
    • Tape riper
    • Bottle opener
  • Carabiner attachment point in the tails
  • Made in the USA


  • Wrench with lanyard
  • Interchangeable tail pieces
    • omega finger
    • flathead screwdriver / tape cutter
    • bottle opener
  • Aircraft cable tailpiece keeper
  • 2 screws
  • Handy carrying case


  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Maximum Socket Torque - Rated at 90 lb-ft (1.6x Safety Factor to slip, aka. no busted knuckles)
  • Socket Rotation - 10k Revolutions - No Functional Failure (that is right, we ran it with a drill for hours)
  • Socket Wear - Hardened to 45 Rockwell C for Lifetime Use
  • Ratchet Pawl Activation - 300k Cycles - No Functional Failure (yes, we flipped it like a fidget spinner for days)
  • Accessory Tailpiece Vibration - 50k Cycles at 12 g* - No Failure (This tool will not fall off your belt, did you see the video?)
  • Omega Bracket Torque - Accessory Tailpiece Acts as Mechanical Fuse, Failing Before Fasteners or Wrench Handle - User Replaceable in Case of Failure (this means we know you break this is designed for that)
  • Ingress - Ratchet Operated Immersed in ~50 micron and ~250 micron Sand - No Permanent Failure (yes, we really did dunk the tool in sand and run it in a drill!)
  • 30 Day Corrosion Tested at 5% Salinity - No Functional Failure (Yes, it swam with the fishes)

*g = accel of gravity (NERD)


After 20+ years in the entertainment industry, Seth Scott saw a need for the right tool to cover all entertainment techs’ needs. He started from the ground up in the industry - loading in, setting up stages, hanging and focusing lights, and as a repair technician. Over time he used his accumulated knowledge of entertainment lighting and rigging to help his clients select quality equipment that meets their needs and budget.

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